Navigating the Residency Riddle

One would think that with so many expats the residency process would be streamlined and it would be possible to do everything in one place. But NO, this is not the case!!

First Baby J and I had to go for a blood type test at a clinic, it doesn’t matter if you know your blood types or not. I was bracing myself for tears from the little guy, but he didn’t want to let the girls see him cry. A brief wimper and then a big grin for the nurse. I was so stressed for him for nothing! Such a little trooper! Luckily this is the one and only test babies have to do, but its only just begun for me….

Off to the medical centre, what chaos! Nobody spoke enough English to tell me what to do, and because they separate men and woman hubby couldn’t be any help either. At this stage I thought that baby J had to accompany me to register him. But FYI this is not the case, you don’t have to have baby there you just need the Blood Type certificate with you for payment and their passport. After hours of waiting it was finally time for my number to be called…… we were herded off like cattle to line up for blood tests from a not so fabulous nurse – I now have a bruise the size of a tennis ball on my arm! – and chest xrays. Next stop yet another office on the opposite side of town for fingerprinting.

What a day!



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